Monday, 4 January 2016

Writing for Peko publishing

Through working on the ordering and characterisation of PzKpfwIV image in the Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC), more on that later, I was approached by Peter Kocsis the owner of a new Hungarian armour publishing company, Peko Publishing.

They have been producing a series of bilingual, hardback photo books on WWII vehicles and were looking for someone to write a volume on the PzIV, I jumped at the chance.

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The brief was to write a book that dealt with the complete history of the tank covering all Ausfs. Not something I have done before and actually the discipline of dealing with the breadth of an idea like this within a limited space was harder than I had expected.Very different from the detailed targeting I have been used to. Nevertheless an enjoyable challenge and like a kid in a sweet shop I started receiving files full of images.  My initial plan was to use as many new images as possible but also some old classics if I could find a new take on them, plus use the format to pair up images when ever possible. It was also a balancing act to create an overview that would be helpful for beginners but still interesting for the more experienced.

So bit by bit over the last calendar year I have been juggling photos that Peter sent me and I found in the AMC with text ideas until it was completed in August, ready of the Xmas market. It is 112 pages including 100 full page B&W images from private collections including a few of my own, hopefully some of you woke up to find it under your tree :)

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