Monday, 4 January 2016

The Modelling News review of Peko book

"PzKpfwIV on the Battlefield" has now started to generate reviews from the modelling websites:

Some extract from a positive review - many thanks!

"Each page has one picture on each with a deft description in precise detail of the type of vehicle marque, the series and production factory quite often along with any vehicle details that you may or may not for the most part noticed."

"The author has confessed to searching the internet daily for information on his interests… and it shows in his texts that he knows his stuff."

"This text in introduction gives a nice overview sets us up as a preface to better understanding the precise detail of each vehicle explained in the captions later in the book."

"Lucky for us we are told on most pages what the sometimes very slight differences are between these early versions of the tank. Often you would have no idea unless someone in the know like the author told you so."

"Well number ten hey? Who would have thought that in a pretty congested market like we have that a new(ish) publisher could do ten volumes and keep it looking fresh? Well PEKO keep on doing it. This is a great book that I learnt a lot from and it was a pleasure to read. My compliments to the author and publisher – keep them coming like this!"

You can read the full review here

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