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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Peko Publishing
Reviewed in AFV Modeller No87

"Panzer IV afficionado (and author of the 8wheels-good series on Panzer IV) Craig Ellis, shares many of the fresh images he has unearthed and researched in this new volume of the WWII Photobook Series. All variants are covered from early war and freshly painted dunkelgrau Ausf As to abandoned Ausf Js in mid 1945 proving the Panzer IV as one of the few armoured vehicles saving from the first to the last day of WWII. All the images are present din larger format, one per page, giving modellers really solid visual reference with the author's in depth research as duel-language captions pointing out production features in the minutest detail. The image quality varies but all of the photos hold points of interest both historically and from a modelling point of view with only a few looking familiar to us. A great collection of mostly unseen images very nicely presented and a must for any Panzer IV fan or German armour enthusiast"

Monday, 4 January 2016

Armorama review of Peko book

Some extract form a generous review:
"authored by Craig Ellis, also known to internet community as “8wheels-good”, a dedicated researcher on Panzer IV. Craig collected an enormous amount of photographs and was able to do a very good research through years credited by various Axis subjects expert including author of Panzer Tracts Hillary Doyle." 

"The introduction is very well written and covers the background of Panzer IV development……although the text here is only 2 pages long it has an excellent narration and you can feel the attitude and passion of the author to Panzer IV’s." 

"with 4-5 sentences in the image legend that focus on the features observed. Here we can appreciate the knowledge of Craig Ellis as he points attention to very specific details corresponding to particular version of Panzer IV or unit where it is important." 

"One can appreciate the authors focus on specific elements like stowage and markings again, especially when it comes to z.B.V. 66, unit that was supposed to invade Malta, but then was transferred to the Eastern Front. The photographs dedicated to DAK tanks got my attention as I did a model of Panzer IV Ausf F2 in 2015 and many of the images presented in the book are new to me." 

"Second half deals with Ausf G, H and J. Many of those images can be a great start for a model, including crew uniforms. A diversity of zimmerit patterns, battle damages and camouflages are worth checking as well."

And in conclusion:

"I think this is another winning title from PeKo publishing. Panzer IV is one of the favorite subjects for modellers and Craig Ellis is a great narrator for those images. There are plenty of tanks in different versions presented and one can have a very good read and inspiration from that book."

The full review can be seen here:
armorama review

The Modelling News review of Peko book

"PzKpfwIV on the Battlefield" has now started to generate reviews from the modelling websites:

Some extract from a positive review - many thanks!

"Each page has one picture on each with a deft description in precise detail of the type of vehicle marque, the series and production factory quite often along with any vehicle details that you may or may not for the most part noticed."

"The author has confessed to searching the internet daily for information on his interests… and it shows in his texts that he knows his stuff."

"This text in introduction gives a nice overview sets us up as a preface to better understanding the precise detail of each vehicle explained in the captions later in the book."

"Lucky for us we are told on most pages what the sometimes very slight differences are between these early versions of the tank. Often you would have no idea unless someone in the know like the author told you so."

"Well number ten hey? Who would have thought that in a pretty congested market like we have that a new(ish) publisher could do ten volumes and keep it looking fresh? Well PEKO keep on doing it. This is a great book that I learnt a lot from and it was a pleasure to read. My compliments to the author and publisher – keep them coming like this!"

You can read the full review here

Writing for Peko publishing

Through working on the ordering and characterisation of PzKpfwIV image in the Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC), more on that later, I was approached by Peter Kocsis the owner of a new Hungarian armour publishing company, Peko Publishing.

They have been producing a series of bilingual, hardback photo books on WWII vehicles and were looking for someone to write a volume on the PzIV, I jumped at the chance.

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The brief was to write a book that dealt with the complete history of the tank covering all Ausfs. Not something I have done before and actually the discipline of dealing with the breadth of an idea like this within a limited space was harder than I had expected.Very different from the detailed targeting I have been used to. Nevertheless an enjoyable challenge and like a kid in a sweet shop I started receiving files full of images.  My initial plan was to use as many new images as possible but also some old classics if I could find a new take on them, plus use the format to pair up images when ever possible. It was also a balancing act to create an overview that would be helpful for beginners but still interesting for the more experienced.

So bit by bit over the last calendar year I have been juggling photos that Peter sent me and I found in the AMC with text ideas until it was completed in August, ready of the Xmas market. It is 112 pages including 100 full page B&W images from private collections including a few of my own, hopefully some of you woke up to find it under your tree :)