Wednesday, 25 February 2015

"Factory Production (G)" review at

Thomas Hartwig at has posted a review of Update No3.

Here is a direct link for those of you able to read the original German text

Monday, 23 February 2015

Ausf Gs from PzRgt39 showing factory differences

There was great collection of images of TachPz Ausf Es from PzRgt 39, 17th PzDiv on ebay recently see:

and at the end of the listing was this small group showing crews who had survived Barbarossa and were using long barrelled Ausf Gs during the Winter of 42/43 through to the following spring.

This group of images is interesting in light of the new information from Update No3 as it is now possible to differentiate these vehicles production factory.

The first image possibly shows them during the winter of 42/43. This could have been taken around the time period when they were involved in the unsuccessful attempt to break the siege of Stalingrad.

From the direction of the tracks and the style of gun cleaning rods we can ascertain this final vehicle was produced at Krupp. Note the fire extinguisher has been moved to the rear fender, which may indicate that the unit might still have been storing items (such as jerrycans) on the front fender as they did in 41.

These three images show a vehicle from Krupp. There are a couple of features evident that help this identification. The combination of the angle of the aerial deflector and the twist in the Bosch headlight cable were specific to this factory. The bar still being used to fix the hull front track links dates this production to before Feb 43

 Note the triangle on the turret side in the final image. This has also been seen in the book "The War Diaries of a Panzer soldier" and must be a Kompanie or role indicator within the unit.

The next one is from Vomag production. The solid guide horns visible on the spare track links and the straighter, nearly vertical  Bosch cable in conjunction with the square foot on the jack are specific to that factory. The "T" style fixings holding the hull track links replaced the bar after than Jan 43 in Vomag production.

Note how both of these have a rubber hose wrapped around the left Bosch headlight. This was most likely the refuelling hose which was usually tucked between the turret and the stowage bin.

Although a lot of detail is obscured by the camouflage the "backwards" tracks and the smoke candles on the turret cheeks are clear indicators of Nibelungen production from Jan - Mar 43.