Tuesday, 27 January 2015

update no3 reviewed in AFV Modeller

Squeezed into their always busy New Release section is another glowing report

"Another release in the Panzer IV series of books that are available from on-line 'print on demand' service, Blurb. This series is a great example of how publishing and printing technology can share the knowledge of someone with great enthusiasm for a subject. This update volume is as detailed as it gets, delving into the three factories that produced F2 to G and the various subtle differences in another unique look at the author's collection of Psnzer IV images. We're shown details right down to the vehicle's chassis number highlighting production features, modelling gold if you're looking fo the ultimate in accuracy Ruth. Selection of tables and diagrams to collate the information into msnageable visuals. Craig's text is very easily read and has a nice informal feel considering the in-depth subject matter! As always the photos are the focus with another superb selection, if Oanzer IVs Stroud thingyou may already be collecting this series and this is a addition you'll certainly not wang to miss. Available from the Blurb website now. Thanks to 8 wheels-good for our sample."
That's after 106 likes on their Facebook page when they posted about receiving the book in Nov 😃

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