Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Coming soon!!! Update No3 - G production

Although the title for the next Update is "G production" the real nub of the book is factory differences.

I have been able to identify a number of features that can enable a differentiation between vehicles of a similar time period. That is, if you can see certain elements you can confidently ascertain whether the vehicle was build at the Krupp, Vomag or Nibelungen factory. These range from new observations on small details to realigning features that were previously thought to be date specific alterations to factory specific styles instead. I am really pleased with the new perspective this info gives a well worn old friend.

The key to this research was an investigation into new and existing images of vehicles with their fgst nr (chassis number) visible, I have managed to gather 43 such example. And relating them to a chart built around info found about contracts given to the specific factories.


Within the book there is  total of 129 photos covering the period from early 1942 through to mid 1943, as usual the majority of them are previously unpublished. I have split the update into the following three periods:

  • early F2(G) where the differences are harder to spot
  • mid G where they become quite distinct
  • late G (& very early H) where other distinguishing feature are added (including diagram showing schurzen variations)

A short section on modelling the G with three Dragon mid Gs (Kharkov) built up to show vehicles built in different factories during early 43.

The content is complete and at the proof reading stage, having passed the first hurdle of decipherability. Once any alterations have been added and a few diagrams & tables completed it will hopefully be ready for publishing by mid September.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Update No2 reviewed

Check out the "Barbarossa stowage" blog for info about a review in the current AFV Modeller