Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ausf J images to supplement Vol4

Here is another image of the decapitated PzIV early Ausf J seen on p90 of Vol4 form a slightly different angle and a bit closer. It is now clear that it carried a covering of zimmerit :

There were two other images sold alongside it that show other wrecks in the same location North of Liege, in and around the village of Rocourt. It is interesting to see both types of exhausts in conjunction with the three hooks added to the top edge of the engine rear plate, placing their production around August 44. At which point only Nibelungenwerke were involved in PzIV production.

This post may be referring to the combat where the loses took place:


  1. hello there,

    love your books, i also love the pz iv, do you have anymore books in the pipeline ?


    mark w

    1. Hi Mark, Thanks for the generous feedback
      I am nearing completion of an Update about G production that looks at factory differences - lots of new interesting stuff going to come out there.
      I also have the 19PzDiv during 1941 finished, waiting for a new ISBN before publishing it.