Tuesday, 19 February 2013

PzRgt 8: White wheels (DAK)

The topic of white road wheels and return rollers on PzRgt 8 vehicles in North Africa in 41 pops up quite often. I have managed to obtain a few (7) photos myself that show the phenomenon, these are in Vol2 and the first Update. But occasionally there are still sceptical voices and surprisingly it still hasn't been picked up by the modelling community.

So I thought I would try and bring the evidence together. Here is the first discussion (some images and the original album long deleted) from ML in 2007:

 The Regiment was shipped to Tripoli as part of 15th PzDiv arriving between the 24th of April and the 6th of May 41 on three consecutive convoys. The 2nd & 3rd Kps landed on the 2nd of May and the 6th & 7th Kps on the 6th. It consisted of 20 PzIVs of the followings types: 10 basic Ausf Ds, 5 PzIV Ausf Ds with zusatzplatten and 5 PzIV Ausf Es with zusatzplatten.

And here are images showing the white wheels on PzIVs and PzIIIs.

 I will just add images to this post as and when I find new ones


Tripoli parade

Action in the desert

Summary: So a very short lived activity, specific to this unit within a narrow time frame. Only seen on PzIV & III and some softskins (blitz, kubelwagon) up to this point. There are images of aircraft in NA with similar. Reasons and process as yet are still unknown.

Other vehicles (soft skins, below) in the unit, some of which also appear to exhibit the white painted wheels.