Sunday, 1 September 2013

Unit markings and distribution of PzIVs during 1940

Having sorted out 99.9% of PzIVs in the East, my eyes now turn to the West (Fall Gelb & Rot), the campaign through France and the Low Countries. Partly driven by the error with 8th PzDiv described a couple of post ago.

I have started out with the same approach as the one that was so successful sorting out  "Barbarossa Stowage". Pick out the well know and clearly identified units and start a survey of all known images against a visual structure of the known units. Here is the first attempts, with knowns attached and a pile of ?s to sort through: from 1st PzDiv on the left to 10th PzDiv on the right, excuse the weird perspective it's the only way to get it all on a panorama shot.

Although there were less Panzers Divisions in 1940 than headed East in 1941 each Division had two Regiments and some also had an extra PzAbt assigned to it, which ultimately means there are nearly as many individual units to sort out in 1940; a total of 35 Kompanien to identify.

First efforts have gone well and have given me quite a few things to check and cross reference, with couple of things cleared up too.

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