Saturday, 14 September 2013

the next series of Updates

With all the units markings and other identifying features from the Western campaign in 1940 discovered it seems logical that this could now become an update of its own. I'll also use the same process to look at Poland. 

I had started two updates; one titled "Kurz" and the other "Lang". The decision is now to split that original "Kurz" into three separate updates each with a specific agenda. Here are the provisional covers:

One dealing with the previously mentioned French campaign, another looking at the Balkans, North Africa and continuing the Barbarossa, another with pre-war and Poland.

The "Lang" volume will be focused on how the production was different in each of the three factories that were involved during this period. In Vol 3 & 4 the tables illustrate generic production and overall orders, helpful for identifying vehicles up to a point. However vehicles with chassis numbers visible have revealed anomalies to these tables.

I have been making new table showing monthly chassis numbers for each factory, which may help show how changes were implemented at different rates at each factory.

All are well under way but there is no particular order planned for the publication of these Updates. They will appear depending on which images and what information comes my way.

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