Monday, 9 September 2013

System for France and the Low Countries during 1940

So after finding a couple of days to focus on the problem and printing out some more photos (nearly 200 in total on the final wall) I think I have managed to crack it. 90% of the units now have a style of numbering or some other signifier identified. With a set of drawings starting to looks for more specifics:

This is how the wall works: each column is either a Rgt or Abt and below each of these is a four way elevation of a PzIV showing the specifics in the same way as appendix in the "Barbarossa Stowage" supplement.

On the right are the photos that are difficult to identify because there are no specific features. These may well be replacement vehicles. Along the top are a few anomalies that have features that don't quite fit i.e. what looks like PzAbt66 - 7th PzDiv number style but without a white outline?

2nd PzDiv has been difficult to really sort out and is the only really big hole remaining. I have two distinct styles of markings but no more. This could mean that both Regiments used different styles or that each Kompanie within the regiment was different but both Regiments did this. Either way it is not yet possible to say confidently what's what.

So the issue is sorted now i just need to find enough photos to make a Frence 1940 equivalent to "Barbarossa Stowage", this will be one of the next updates to come out.

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