Monday, 10 June 2013

Update No 2 (Barbarossa stowage) ready to publish

Eventually the next "PzKpfw IV at the front" update is ready to go to press. The delay has been for good reasons, that is the constant arrival of new and helpful images. This means that this book now has 118 photos in it, which continue to add to the information laid down in the Barbarossa Stowage supplementary volume published back in Aug 2010.

This update manages to fill most of the gaps left in the original volume and add some newly discovered information. 

The gaps addressed include:
how 1st PzDiv stowage changed in the build up to Barbarossa plus a driver's eye view of first days of action, more coverage of 4th K - 4th PzDiv, unusual turret markings in 6th PzDiv, rear marking details for 4th K - 8th PzDiv, the use of and stowage for Ausf Fs in 9th K - 9th PzDiv, a bit more light shone on the numbering system of 11th PzDiv, Kompanie specifics for 16th PzDiv, all round detail for 9th K - 17th PzDiv (ex-Lehr), unusual turret bin makings on 19th PzDiv and 5th PzDiv during the Winter of 41/42, 20th PzDiv rear stowage, 2nd PzDiv Stab markings & 5th PzDiv right hand stowage.

Along with this unit specific information there are a few things discussed that are of general interest. Including: 3 examples of cupola AA MG use and an 88 under tow!

The format of the book follows that of the main Volume, each Division is dealt with like a chapter. Where there are new general issue they are discussed as a heading and then individual Kompanies are described. followed by specific turret numbers and Ausf for other vehicles not shown in the book.

Although this volume is an update to the previous edition it can still work as a stand alone book, as there are examples of all Kompanies included. So it could be useful either to drill down for that really specific detail or to get a sense of the vehicles and epic landscape of this gargantuan conflict.

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