Friday, 14 June 2013

corrections for Vol 2

In volume 2 it is stated that the "X" Divisional symbol was not used until 1941 when it was introduced by 5th PzDiv to replaced their inverted "Y" and dot, used during 1940. This appeared to be the common orthodoxy with a number of text dealing specifically with German markings clearly stating this.

However, the images available to me clearly showed PzIVs in france in 1940 with this marking, which lead me to speculate that this marking may have been used by one of the regiments within 5th PzDiv during this campaign.

This speculation is wrong. The "X" marking was indeed used in 1940 but by 8th PzDiv. This appears to have been missed by most generalist volumes on German markings but is described in German language books dealing specifically with this Division. It is even incorrectly used in the excellent "PANZERWAFFE Vol 2 - The campaign in the West 1940" by Mark Healy, so that makes me feel a bit better about getting it wrong.

Here we see a badly damaged Ausf D with the "X" of 8th PzDiv just behind the Balkenkrues and below the upside down"Y" with dot of 5th PzDiv.

Photographic evidence seem to point to both units having PzIVs in both 3rd and 4th Ks during this period. Here is 331 that is seen in the middle distance on p40 of Vol 2.

And finally two examples of the "X" in use in 1941, from a PzRgt 31(5th PzDiv) photo album during the Balkan conflict. Note the large box on the superstructure side:

So the correction to Volume 2 is: 
the vehicles on page 38 & 39 are from 8th PzDiv
page 40 & 41 are both 8th PzDiv in France

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