Tuesday, 16 April 2013

11th PzDiv images in Vol3 (part 2)

There are a series of images from one source on pages 90 - 92 of Vol3 that show an Ausf F2(G); turret number 623 undergoing some maintenance in a wood. I have found some other images of the same location:

The second one shows "mein Arthur" again. 623 carries the 3 vertical bars over a horizontal bar (upside down cricket stumps) symbol used by 11th PzDiv from 1943. This is often confused with the symbols used by SS Divs during Kursk. 

I also came across this image from the same period, some of the same crew are still around. This view shows the large box on the engine deck rear plate still in place, it was fitted earlier in 42 on vehicles sporting the ghost rider emblem.

Another well known image from the same unit and time frame.

It appears that 11th PzDiv were supplied, around the time of Kursk with a mix of new late Gs with Schurzen, upgrade early Gs with schurzen and some, as 632 below, in their original set up. Images show this mix in both 9th and 6th Kps.

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