Wednesday, 6 March 2013

AFV Modeller review of 1st Update

The latest edition of AFV Modeller (no69) reviews Update No1 in their "new releases" section:

"We've been very impressed by the previous releases from the author Craig Ellis featuring his 8wheels-good collection of period photographs of Panzer IVs and variants. This latest release will certainly be of interest if you have the volumes 1-5 of the series as the book is split into chapters updating information and using newly obtained photographs for each volume. Some of the shots include new angles of vehicles previously featured in the usual large format. The rare nature of the photographs means that quality varies from very good to excellent but the real beauty is the subjects, fantastic modelling inspiration with very detailed captions. As well as being a must to anyone with the previous releases in their collection, this Update volume serves as an excellent taster of the series as it covers early to late vehicles and variants. Indispensable reference on the PzKpfw IV with a great mix of interesting un-seen photographs and well researched detailed captions. The titles can be ordered from the Blurb website, go to "bookstore" and put "8wheels-good" into the search box to see all of the titles available".

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