Thursday, 19 July 2012

Different views for two JadgPz in Vol5

I found another three images of the scene on pages 74-75 of Vol5. The poster of these indicated that he thought they were taken in Southern Silesia, close to Czech border around the end of the war.

"This photos was taken by Mr. Alojzy Klon on summer 1945 (some says that lower photo was taken on 1947) at Rogow, Poland (Rogau, Oberschlesien - German wartime spelling) where German forces fought against 1st Czechoslovak Independent Tank Brigade. This L/70 was either knocked out or left abandoned. Similiary painted and equipped vehicle was photographed in Chuchelna, now Moravia area, Czech Republic about 15 km from Rogow (photo published in one of Panzerwrecks albums).
I presume both Jagdpanzers might be assigned to I./Pz.Rgt.39 17 Pz.Div".
I came across this fourth image that apparently shows the vehicle already in the ditch with German troops still in the background. 

The most interesting thing they reveal, which was not apparent from the front on view is the full set of standard rubber rimmed road wheels a very unusual feature for late vehicle with factory camo.

The second JagdPz to be spotted in other images is the one depicted on pages 64-65.

Judging by the landscape and some additional damage to the right track both these seem to be later than the one in Vol5. However they do show it was still a popular photo opportunity for passers by.

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