Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Supplementary image for Vol 1

Ausf B possibly in the Sudetenland.

This image shows the Ausf B on p57 of Vol 1, broken down again. The location is clearly different and the vehicle is well weathered in this second image but the turret number and unusual BK are unmistakable.

This slightly lower angle reveals an interesting feature; the hull front appears to be one piece. This is not evident in the image in Vol 1 but clearly seems to be the case here. One piece rather than two welded sections was a feature of unique to the Ausf A. On the A the hull front and the angle below the chin were constructed out of one 14.5mm sheet bent to create the angles, on the B the nearly vertical front was upgraded to 30 mm with the lower chin being 20mm thick. However because of supply issues during the change over in production from A to B five Ausf A hulls had to be used to complete the first batch of Bs.

So technically speaking this is one the first of the hybrid hull, superstructure and turret combinations that were produced.


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