Tuesday, 24 April 2012

additional view for Vol 4

An expired ebay auction gives us a slightly wider view of this wrecked late G in the Selerno area previously pictured  in a press photo on page 41 of Vol 4. Unfortunately it still doesn't give us a view of the drive sprocket. It may have got wedged into the ditch and been destroyed by its crew. 

This image appears a bit later than the press photo as the front section of the turret schurzen and the aerial trough are both missing, what it does show up well is the cupola lid opening further than standard. A number of PzIVs in Italy seem to have this feature and whether this was a unit modification or a specific short run factory feature is unclear, however it also appears here in conjunction with the other possible factory specific feature of reversed tracks.


  1. Hi!

    do you have images of Hummels with disc camo and JgpzIV L-70 without zimmerit?

    1. Hi there
      I have one image that possibly shows a Hummel with disc camo. Unfortunately it has a distressed coat of white wash that makes it hard to confirm. I am planning on writing the Hummel book next year so sorry you will have to wait a bit to see that but there is a similar image on ebay just now


      There are a couple of new JgpzIV L-70 without zimmerit images in the update I am working on and a couple in Vol 5 but they are mostly version of images already published. Photo of that vehicle are extremely hard to come by.