Friday, 13 April 2012

1st update

The first update to the 5 volumes is on the verge of completion, content and layout finished - just final proof reading and editing to undergo. It is 80 pages, portrait layout with most pages carrying two images, as detailed in previous posts.
The content includes:

7 Ausf A - including one being recovered in Russia.

17 Ausf B & C - including a "yellow" cross from the Polish campaign and a detailed series of 5 images showing the loading onto a trailer.

25 Ausf D & E - including 3 more showing groups of DAK vehicles with white road wheels.

3 more hybrids and 3 VorPz.

19 Ausf Fs - including a command version.

15 Ausf F2(G) - early G - including a number of images of long twisting aerial guard and flat recuperator sides.

21 late G&H - including 8 Bulgarian images.

6 Ausf J - mostly late war wrecks.

1 SturmstegPz.
2 turetless ammo carrier.
3 PzIV/70(V).
2 images of a late StuGIV with swinging schurzen - one of which is a close-up of hooded exhaust pipes.
1 early StuPa
1 Mobelwagen with dot camo

So quite a lot squeezed between the covers. I should have it uploaded to Blurb within the month.

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