Wednesday, 14 March 2012

TauchPz IV Volume FINALLY available !!

Nearly a year after I thought it might be the TauchPz volume is now online and available on Blurb. I think it is all the better for the delay. Enjoy the preview below:
The book covers the TauchPz IVs use on exercises prior to Operation Barbarossa and during the conflict on the Eastern front. As the first book solely dedicated to the TauchPz IV a number of details revealed here have never previously been discussed. 

The information includes detailed analysis of the different specification for each Ausf as well as the units that used them and their associated markings and stowage. There are also images of TauchPz IIIs and a few rare glimpses of the SchwimmPz II.

This volume contains: 98 period photos illustrating the vehicle in greater depth than ever before, the vast majority published for the first time, short appendix on the TauchPz III, diagrams and a section on modelling the vehicle to conclude the book.

To make this volume worthy of the little dipper I have asked a number of other collectors who I have met online and through various forums and searched through national archives for images that fill some of the inevitable gaps in my own collection. So although the book is still subtitled "from the collection of 8wheels-good" there are some supplementary images (about 10 in total) kindly lent to me so this monograph can fulfill the potential of the research I have uncovered.

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