Saturday, 4 February 2012

Vol5 review in AFV Modeller "excellent modelling reference"

Another supportive review in Januarys edition of AFV Modeller (no. 62).......

"The last in the series which we've enjoyed very much, is probably my favourite as it covers a diverse range of PzIV based subjects including Bruckenleger, Munitionsschlepper, StuG IV, Dicker Max, Brummbar, Jagdpanzer and more with fresh images and detailed study. Some of the images chosen are purely from a rarity perspective from the extensive collection and will be of huge interest to anyone interested in WWII German armour generally and of course excellent modelling reference and information.

If a StuG IV late is on your list of "to do" builds there's some detailed information and line drawings of the swinging armour skirts used on some of these last vehicles.

An excellent finale to the five volumes, along with the supplementary volumes (including two future releases), provide an indispensible reference on the PzKpfw IV with a great mix of interesting un-seen photographs and well researched detailed captions. The titles can be ordered from the Blurb website go to "bookstore" and put 8wheels-good into the search box to see all of the titles available."

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