Sunday, 23 September 2012

Volume 1 - front view

These images show the vehicle pictured on page 68 from the front. They confirms that it is an Ausf B....

....and although the Divisional symbol on the superstructure front is not clear it does indicate PzRgt 11, 6th PzDiv when seen in conjunction with the wooden plank jerrycan holder on the vehicle side (on the first image). A Notek light mount is also visible on the the glacis plate.

The location may also be near the one in Montcornet shown on p12-15 in UPDATE 1 and on p83 in Vol 1.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Different views for two JadgPz in Vol5

I found another three images of the scene on pages 74-75 of Vol5. The poster of these indicated that he thought they were taken in Southern Silesia, close to Czech border around the end of the war.

"This photos was taken by Mr. Alojzy Klon on summer 1945 (some says that lower photo was taken on 1947) at Rogow, Poland (Rogau, Oberschlesien - German wartime spelling) where German forces fought against 1st Czechoslovak Independent Tank Brigade. This L/70 was either knocked out or left abandoned. Similiary painted and equipped vehicle was photographed in Chuchelna, now Moravia area, Czech Republic about 15 km from Rogow (photo published in one of Panzerwrecks albums).
I presume both Jagdpanzers might be assigned to I./Pz.Rgt.39 17 Pz.Div".
I came across this fourth image that apparently shows the vehicle already in the ditch with German troops still in the background. 

The most interesting thing they reveal, which was not apparent from the front on view is the full set of standard rubber rimmed road wheels a very unusual feature for late vehicle with factory camo.

The second JagdPz to be spotted in other images is the one depicted on pages 64-65.

Judging by the landscape and some additional damage to the right track both these seem to be later than the one in Vol5. However they do show it was still a popular photo opportunity for passers by.

Monday, 9 July 2012

1st Update repackaged and online

Update No.1 is now complete and uploaded to blurb. Click on the cover below for a full preview:

After discussion with Bam (the reliable proof reader) the previous cover was dropped in preference to the one you now see. Internally there has been no change to the images previously posted here, however significant extra info has been added to the descriptions, which has lead to the delay in getting it published.

The next Update will cover Russia 1941 again adding more Barbarossa Stowage information. This is coming on nicely and could be finished soon. When it is out of the way the Hummel will be the next supplementary edition and looks likely that the content will be a joint project between Bam and myself.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

TauchPz edition review

The TauchPz IV supplementary edition has been reviewed in AFV Modeller 64. Follow this link for the full text.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Supplementary image for Vol 1

Ausf B possibly in the Sudetenland.

This image shows the Ausf B on p57 of Vol 1, broken down again. The location is clearly different and the vehicle is well weathered in this second image but the turret number and unusual BK are unmistakable.

This slightly lower angle reveals an interesting feature; the hull front appears to be one piece. This is not evident in the image in Vol 1 but clearly seems to be the case here. One piece rather than two welded sections was a feature of unique to the Ausf A. On the A the hull front and the angle below the chin were constructed out of one 14.5mm sheet bent to create the angles, on the B the nearly vertical front was upgraded to 30 mm with the lower chin being 20mm thick. However because of supply issues during the change over in production from A to B five Ausf A hulls had to be used to complete the first batch of Bs.

So technically speaking this is one the first of the hybrid hull, superstructure and turret combinations that were produced.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Vol 4 supporting images

On page 28 of Volume 4 an image shows a good close up of a mid production Ausf G of Pz.Rgt. 35, 4th Pz.Div. apparently falling through a frozen lake or river. I have come across this series of images that document an attempt at a difficult recovery of that vehicle. This first one is from a similar position...

From the other angle the plate across the turret roof described in Vol 4 is more obvious. This clear view shows the plate crossing in front of the cupola to cover the deleted signal port on the left side of the roof. This seems like an interim fix before the new thicker rear roof and uparmoured cuploa with a one piece lid could be fitted from Feb 43.

I did put in a bid on a few of them but was unfortunately unsuccessful.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Supporting image for Vol 3

I came across these images which change my understanding of the series of 5 images that cover pages 76 - 79 in Vol 3, showing PzIV F2(G)s and a StugIII. 

The vehicles in the images are mostly intact with only one PzIII apparently destroyed. I had always thought that they showed a German unit carefully returning to or picking over a recent battlefield. This was partly due to me thinking that part of the series I didn't buy was of PzGr with a SdKfz251. I have found this image too, which shows the same location but with German troops.

It is still unclear if theses images are all from the same series or two (one from either side) that have got mixed together.

The location is Veliki Luki, a brutal Kessel that could be seen as the Stalingrad of the North. 11th PzDiv were part of the relief force trying to break the encirclement.

However the presence of Russian troops in the image above, which is clearly part of the series, changes my interpretation and explains the creepy deserted feeling in the images. They must have been taken after the relief efforts had been thwarted and Russian troops inspected abandoned vehicles left by the unsuccessful rescue attempt amid the hellish landscape.

The image on p76 and the bottom right of p77 appears to show a column of vehicle in motion and the last PzIV does look like it has a Commanders head is poking above the lip of the cuploa? Perhaps  this image shows the salvage of vehicles that were abandoned due to lack of fuel and then taken as booty by the Russians. It is however unusual for troops abandoning vehicle not to disable them.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

additional view for Vol 4

An expired ebay auction gives us a slightly wider view of this wrecked late G in the Selerno area previously pictured  in a press photo on page 41 of Vol 4. Unfortunately it still doesn't give us a view of the drive sprocket. It may have got wedged into the ditch and been destroyed by its crew. 

This image appears a bit later than the press photo as the front section of the turret schurzen and the aerial trough are both missing, what it does show up well is the cupola lid opening further than standard. A number of PzIVs in Italy seem to have this feature and whether this was a unit modification or a specific short run factory feature is unclear, however it also appears here in conjunction with the other possible factory specific feature of reversed tracks.

Friday, 13 April 2012

1st update

The first update to the 5 volumes is on the verge of completion, content and layout finished - just final proof reading and editing to undergo. It is 80 pages, portrait layout with most pages carrying two images, as detailed in previous posts.
The content includes:

7 Ausf A - including one being recovered in Russia.

17 Ausf B & C - including a "yellow" cross from the Polish campaign and a detailed series of 5 images showing the loading onto a trailer.

25 Ausf D & E - including 3 more showing groups of DAK vehicles with white road wheels.

3 more hybrids and 3 VorPz.

19 Ausf Fs - including a command version.

15 Ausf F2(G) - early G - including a number of images of long twisting aerial guard and flat recuperator sides.

21 late G&H - including 8 Bulgarian images.

6 Ausf J - mostly late war wrecks.

1 SturmstegPz.
2 turetless ammo carrier.
3 PzIV/70(V).
2 images of a late StuGIV with swinging schurzen - one of which is a close-up of hooded exhaust pipes.
1 early StuPa
1 Mobelwagen with dot camo

So quite a lot squeezed between the covers. I should have it uploaded to Blurb within the month.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

TauchPz IV Volume FINALLY available !!

Nearly a year after I thought it might be the TauchPz volume is now online and available on Blurb. I think it is all the better for the delay. Enjoy the preview below:
The book covers the TauchPz IVs use on exercises prior to Operation Barbarossa and during the conflict on the Eastern front. As the first book solely dedicated to the TauchPz IV a number of details revealed here have never previously been discussed. 

The information includes detailed analysis of the different specification for each Ausf as well as the units that used them and their associated markings and stowage. There are also images of TauchPz IIIs and a few rare glimpses of the SchwimmPz II.

This volume contains: 98 period photos illustrating the vehicle in greater depth than ever before, the vast majority published for the first time, short appendix on the TauchPz III, diagrams and a section on modelling the vehicle to conclude the book.

To make this volume worthy of the little dipper I have asked a number of other collectors who I have met online and through various forums and searched through national archives for images that fill some of the inevitable gaps in my own collection. So although the book is still subtitled "from the collection of 8wheels-good" there are some supplementary images (about 10 in total) kindly lent to me so this monograph can fulfill the potential of the research I have uncovered.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Reverse view from Vol 1

Another view of the KOed Ausf B pictured on pages 66 and 67 of Volume 1, prior to the road sign being applied to it.

A second image, this time from the rear, where it carries the same arrow and its rear mudflaps are also painted white presumably for visibility. From this end we get a better view of the signal pot fitted to the port on the right side of the turret roof as opposed to the usual fitting on the left.

The image was added to Vol 1 at the last minute and therefore the notation on the reverse was not added.  "Arras" is written on the back of the photo.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Vol5 review in AFV Modeller "excellent modelling reference"

Another supportive review in Januarys edition of AFV Modeller (no. 62).......

"The last in the series which we've enjoyed very much, is probably my favourite as it covers a diverse range of PzIV based subjects including Bruckenleger, Munitionsschlepper, StuG IV, Dicker Max, Brummbar, Jagdpanzer and more with fresh images and detailed study. Some of the images chosen are purely from a rarity perspective from the extensive collection and will be of huge interest to anyone interested in WWII German armour generally and of course excellent modelling reference and information.

If a StuG IV late is on your list of "to do" builds there's some detailed information and line drawings of the swinging armour skirts used on some of these last vehicles.

An excellent finale to the five volumes, along with the supplementary volumes (including two future releases), provide an indispensible reference on the PzKpfw IV with a great mix of interesting un-seen photographs and well researched detailed captions. The titles can be ordered from the Blurb website go to "bookstore" and put 8wheels-good into the search box to see all of the titles available."