Friday, 14 October 2011

TauchPz Volume

The TauchPz Volume is so near to completion. There are a couple of collectors I have been in touch with to fill gaps who I just need to confirm the use of their images. With that in place the photo side of the book will be complete with the total number of photos now 90 covering all units.

I just need to get my finger out and put some time aside to finish the models and diagrams.

I have got on with the underwater parts for the final model and finished the engine door covers. I will cast these in resin so I can fit them to all the models.

This image shows a comparative view of the options available and what I have done to the Tristar gun cover by refining the shape a bit to replicate the molded shape of the top and bottom edge and added some surface texture. The two on the right are the Tristar options pretty good and certainly the top one is the best out of the box option. Unfortunately the fixing plate around the outside edge lacks the rivets of the original, hence my addition which I used Archer new water slide resin rivets for. Not as tricky as I had expected, these are a really great idea and I will certainly use them again. The rubber one on the bottom left is the Dragon version used in their Ausf E and CyberHoppy Ausf D. It is frankly very poor. Nothing like the original it resembles a canvas cover more than a molded rubber item and the frame around it is over scaled and completely lack rivet detail. Unfortunately this is representative of 90% of the Tauch parts in the Dragon kits - only the exhausts have any redeeming features.

However I do like the idea of using "rubber" for this part - in this case DS plastic although it is solid and misses the potential. I am thinking about exploring some materials available for casting this item as it will allow posing the gun in a way that replicates the crumpling of the seal.

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