Tuesday, 25 October 2011

on to the next phase

There are a number of potential ideas percolating away in the background. I would like to do a Supplementary edition purely on the Hummel...

but that is a long term project with a lot of collecting ahead of me. However with the TauchPz volume nearly done the next phase of the project is starting to take shape.

Just because the main 5 volumes were completed this did not mean the end of the photo collecting. But how to evidence this? Although using Blurb allows me to update the books at any point I didn't want to go down this route as it somehow muddied the waters - a book should really be a fixed point in time, that is part of their value. I also didn't want to wait until a complete Second Edition seemed possible.

Currently I have started looking at the possiblity of a more magazine style update that doesn't completely mirror the original Volumes in style but allows additions to their content and understanding on a semi-regular basis.

Here are the first thoughts for the cover of UPDATE NO1. This first update will cover all 5 volumes but this may not always be the case. I suppose it is dependent on the photos that come my way what the content is at any given point. The timing of these will also vary, currently I am hoping for an annual update - perhaps a x-mas special. The proposed format is portrait with two images on most pages allowing the overall page count to drop and therefore reduce the cost.

Updating the supplementary editions such as "Barbarossa Stowage" could be in the same format but would be secondary to the blogs and I imagine appear less frequently. Occasionally content might necessitate joint updates.

Or there are certain units of which collecting photos depicting their activities is easier than others and these may lead to monographs.

For this to work some collaboration over unit organisation, structure, characters and history would be needed and I have already put out some feelers.

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