Thursday, 16 June 2011

Moblewagen additional "Additional Comments"

On pages 28 - 31 there are two images of a group of Moblewagens that came from the same source. The following text was sent on my request by the seller. I couldn't find it to put it in the Additional Comment section of volume 5 but it turned up during filing so here it is now.

"Hello Craig,
..............In regards to the photos, Anton Welzbacher is the man that these photos came from. In case you were wondering, I did not remove these from an album, if they had been in an album I would have sold the entire album. At one time it appears some of these photos were in an album. This particular photo is from approx 1943 and these soldiers were his new recruits. The guy I bought these from had everything from this guy, the uniform, medals, tons of documents, etc. All came from the family in Germany. Anton served on the Western front 1939-1940 were he was awarded the Assault Badge, Iron Cross 1st, 2nd, and Panzer Badge, as well as sharpshooter, War Merit. He only spent a brief time on the Eastern, and North Afrika front, then returned to train new recruits in Germany. This is when this photo was taken. After Germany lost so many soldiers on the Eastern front he was sent back into action in 1944, Western Front. This is when he was leading a unit of Mobelwagens to provide air protection for the armor and ground troops. Since I also had his surrender papers, I am pretty sure he was captured late 1944-1945 by the Americans (probably saved his life). Pretty interesting stuff. In addition from what I understand he won the Knights Cross, but was never able to wear it since he did not return to Germany until the war was over.

hope this helps,

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