Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mention in the current MMiR (53)

Some more encouraging feedback from the Modeling press, this time from across the Atlantic in the form of the excellent Military Miniatures in Review.

Two mentions. The first in the news section

" 8wheels-good
We were pretty blown away by the four volume super set of books that 8wheels-good did on the PzKpfw IV. What would your shelves at home look like without a couple of theses Wehrmacht Workhorses on them? Normal, that's how! Now take those damn things out of the living room before someone sees them! Anyway where were we? Oh, yeah. There's a new book out: Barbarossa Stowage.................."

The second is a review of the afore mentioned 4 books

"Every one loves the good old Panzer iV. Who out there doesn't have a small (or large) stack of Dragon and Tamiya kits of this Wehrmacht workhorse? Anyway, if you've got any of the early versions, you probably need to dig a bit of reference. Well, Craig Ellis of 8wheels-good is here to help. We recently got hold of his four volumes of Panzer IV sweetness and thought we'd give you a snap shot of what's going on here. Each volume is made up of photos from the authors private collection, so there's lots of original material. The photos are the main attraction to the book and each one is informatively captioned. The snaps are also nice and big. There is a short textual background for each version of the tank. Voumes 1 & 2 will be especially useful to those modlling early versions of the Panzer IV since photos of Ausf A-E are kinda rare in other references. Vol-2 gives you a nice big chart of the changes for the early versions too. Vol 3 gives the Ausf F and early G special treatment since this was the period when the Panzer IV was the mainstay of the Panzertruppe and Vol 4 wraps the series up with late G, H and J coverage. Both volumes also provide charts of the production changes for the models they cover. These books are available through and each one is given an in depth summary on the website. Each Volume is available in hardcover or soft cover. They are a bit pricey, partially because they are print on demand. We think the cost is worth it though if your really into Panzers. The photo collection alone is worth the price and the author gives you a very thorough briefing of the Panzer IV, especially the early versions. Kudos and thanks go out to the author, Craig Ellis, for this fine work and the review samples".

All books available @

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