Monday, 24 January 2011

Erratum: Vol 3

Whilst answering a question on Missing Lynx Axis discussion forum I checked back over volume 3 to verify some info. Much to my surprise I saw that I had recorded 22nd PzDiv as 23rd PzDiv!!
This refers specifically to the images in the section from pages 68 - 72.
They are PzRgt 204 from 22nd PzDiv.

I have no idea how this came about or how it got missed during multiple readings but it slipped through all our hands, the files are called (22) a simple typo must have escalated through spell check and rereading.

So, many apologies for those who have already purchased the book, I will make adjustments to the online info asap so it is correct for future purchasers and take the opportunity to correct a few typos and page numbering errors at the same time. Vol 3 was the first published and as such was a bit of a testing ground both in making, editing and keeping track of a books contents and working out the limits of blurbs online tools.

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