Saturday, 17 December 2011

additional views

During the ongoing research I have come across some additional views of the vehicles pictured in the books so I will post them here when I get a minute. 

The first are these front and side views of the JagdPz IV on p 66/67 of Vol5.

The bent last schurzen bracket, burn marks on the zimmerit and hang of the broken track all match up with my image. This view reveals it has the later style mantlet edge with its reduced bottom corners and that that it was manufactured with only one MG port.

Monday, 7 November 2011

BARBAROSSA - website review "amazing stuff"

Nicholas Mayhew at contacted me looking to review the books on the new website. He recently received the Barbarossa supplementary edition and has posted this complementary review:

"The research here and its presentation is indeed top class. But if ever there was a book to help the modeller in search of early war Panzer IV inspiration, then this is it!"

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

on to the next phase

There are a number of potential ideas percolating away in the background. I would like to do a Supplementary edition purely on the Hummel...

but that is a long term project with a lot of collecting ahead of me. However with the TauchPz volume nearly done the next phase of the project is starting to take shape.

Just because the main 5 volumes were completed this did not mean the end of the photo collecting. But how to evidence this? Although using Blurb allows me to update the books at any point I didn't want to go down this route as it somehow muddied the waters - a book should really be a fixed point in time, that is part of their value. I also didn't want to wait until a complete Second Edition seemed possible.

Currently I have started looking at the possiblity of a more magazine style update that doesn't completely mirror the original Volumes in style but allows additions to their content and understanding on a semi-regular basis.

Here are the first thoughts for the cover of UPDATE NO1. This first update will cover all 5 volumes but this may not always be the case. I suppose it is dependent on the photos that come my way what the content is at any given point. The timing of these will also vary, currently I am hoping for an annual update - perhaps a x-mas special. The proposed format is portrait with two images on most pages allowing the overall page count to drop and therefore reduce the cost.

Updating the supplementary editions such as "Barbarossa Stowage" could be in the same format but would be secondary to the blogs and I imagine appear less frequently. Occasionally content might necessitate joint updates.

Or there are certain units of which collecting photos depicting their activities is easier than others and these may lead to monographs.

For this to work some collaboration over unit organisation, structure, characters and history would be needed and I have already put out some feelers.

Friday, 14 October 2011

TauchPz Volume

The TauchPz Volume is so near to completion. There are a couple of collectors I have been in touch with to fill gaps who I just need to confirm the use of their images. With that in place the photo side of the book will be complete with the total number of photos now 90 covering all units.

I just need to get my finger out and put some time aside to finish the models and diagrams.

I have got on with the underwater parts for the final model and finished the engine door covers. I will cast these in resin so I can fit them to all the models.

This image shows a comparative view of the options available and what I have done to the Tristar gun cover by refining the shape a bit to replicate the molded shape of the top and bottom edge and added some surface texture. The two on the right are the Tristar options pretty good and certainly the top one is the best out of the box option. Unfortunately the fixing plate around the outside edge lacks the rivets of the original, hence my addition which I used Archer new water slide resin rivets for. Not as tricky as I had expected, these are a really great idea and I will certainly use them again. The rubber one on the bottom left is the Dragon version used in their Ausf E and CyberHoppy Ausf D. It is frankly very poor. Nothing like the original it resembles a canvas cover more than a molded rubber item and the frame around it is over scaled and completely lack rivet detail. Unfortunately this is representative of 90% of the Tauch parts in the Dragon kits - only the exhausts have any redeeming features.

However I do like the idea of using "rubber" for this part - in this case DS plastic although it is solid and misses the potential. I am thinking about exploring some materials available for casting this item as it will allow posing the gun in a way that replicates the crumpling of the seal.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

BLURB vouchers !!

There are some vouchers for Blurb available here

I tried ADBLURB today and it worked for me - 20% off (the currency had to be US $)


These vouchers usually have a shelf-life, as do the sites they are on. However a Google search for "Blurb vouchers" will usually unearth something worthwhile - if you are willing to dig a bit.

I got 15% off today (14/03/12) with 15OFFBLURB

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Moblewagen additional "Additional Comments"

On pages 28 - 31 there are two images of a group of Moblewagens that came from the same source. The following text was sent on my request by the seller. I couldn't find it to put it in the Additional Comment section of volume 5 but it turned up during filing so here it is now.

"Hello Craig,
..............In regards to the photos, Anton Welzbacher is the man that these photos came from. In case you were wondering, I did not remove these from an album, if they had been in an album I would have sold the entire album. At one time it appears some of these photos were in an album. This particular photo is from approx 1943 and these soldiers were his new recruits. The guy I bought these from had everything from this guy, the uniform, medals, tons of documents, etc. All came from the family in Germany. Anton served on the Western front 1939-1940 were he was awarded the Assault Badge, Iron Cross 1st, 2nd, and Panzer Badge, as well as sharpshooter, War Merit. He only spent a brief time on the Eastern, and North Afrika front, then returned to train new recruits in Germany. This is when this photo was taken. After Germany lost so many soldiers on the Eastern front he was sent back into action in 1944, Western Front. This is when he was leading a unit of Mobelwagens to provide air protection for the armor and ground troops. Since I also had his surrender papers, I am pretty sure he was captured late 1944-1945 by the Americans (probably saved his life). Pretty interesting stuff. In addition from what I understand he won the Knights Cross, but was never able to wear it since he did not return to Germany until the war was over.

hope this helps,

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cover Story

Recognise this image?

The photo I picked up and used in my book is in fact the actual original from the magazine - I just had to use it on the cover when I discovered this. The last page in the book shows the photo's reverse with comments from the time and a cut out from the inside of a printed mag.

The Yank Magazine was produced weekly and aimed at the troops. There were different editions for each theatre, this cover was for a US edition in Sept 44. Anyone interested in the contents can find them here along with lots of others:

plus this blog has a lot of archived content and images:

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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Volume 5 available on BLURB

At last the series is complete, I uploaded Vol 5: Variants tonight:

Although it was the book I started first it is the last completed. Like any collection it's the rarities that are special and this book is crammed with them. By covering as many variants as i can I have squeezed in as much info on each type represented as was feasible, where ever possible including the most up to date research available.

As mentioned in a previous post I have been in touch with the StugIV salvage team in Poznan and they have supplied me with the actual dimensions of the shields they recovered. I have used these to update diagrams I have been working on since 2007 allowing a comprehensive exploration of the final Stug IV version.

As always the photos are printed as larger as possible with a number being stretched over double page spreads to allow details to be seen more clearly.

Now it's on with the TauchPzIV supplementary edition, which I have just got some great photos to add to it and some help with a 1/16 modelling difficulty. With a fare wind It should be done by Late Aug/Sept.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mention in the current MMiR (53)

Some more encouraging feedback from the Modeling press, this time from across the Atlantic in the form of the excellent Military Miniatures in Review.

Two mentions. The first in the news section

" 8wheels-good
We were pretty blown away by the four volume super set of books that 8wheels-good did on the PzKpfw IV. What would your shelves at home look like without a couple of theses Wehrmacht Workhorses on them? Normal, that's how! Now take those damn things out of the living room before someone sees them! Anyway where were we? Oh, yeah. There's a new book out: Barbarossa Stowage.................."

The second is a review of the afore mentioned 4 books

"Every one loves the good old Panzer iV. Who out there doesn't have a small (or large) stack of Dragon and Tamiya kits of this Wehrmacht workhorse? Anyway, if you've got any of the early versions, you probably need to dig a bit of reference. Well, Craig Ellis of 8wheels-good is here to help. We recently got hold of his four volumes of Panzer IV sweetness and thought we'd give you a snap shot of what's going on here. Each volume is made up of photos from the authors private collection, so there's lots of original material. The photos are the main attraction to the book and each one is informatively captioned. The snaps are also nice and big. There is a short textual background for each version of the tank. Voumes 1 & 2 will be especially useful to those modlling early versions of the Panzer IV since photos of Ausf A-E are kinda rare in other references. Vol-2 gives you a nice big chart of the changes for the early versions too. Vol 3 gives the Ausf F and early G special treatment since this was the period when the Panzer IV was the mainstay of the Panzertruppe and Vol 4 wraps the series up with late G, H and J coverage. Both volumes also provide charts of the production changes for the models they cover. These books are available through and each one is given an in depth summary on the website. Each Volume is available in hardcover or soft cover. They are a bit pricey, partially because they are print on demand. We think the cost is worth it though if your really into Panzers. The photo collection alone is worth the price and the author gives you a very thorough briefing of the Panzer IV, especially the early versions. Kudos and thanks go out to the author, Craig Ellis, for this fine work and the review samples".

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Friday, 13 May 2011

possible delay in Vol 5 (good news)

The Museum of Armoured Weapons in Poznan has got back in touch with me re the swinging schurzen on their recovered StugIV. It appears they are thinking of restoring them too - Great news!

I am sharing my drawings (that were going into Vol 5) with them and hopefully in return I will get some actual measurements of the shields and brackets that were salvaged.

So the publication date is on hold until this pans out, it's too good a chance to miss this near to the conclusion of a project. Will keep you posted.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Volume 5 is nearing completion. I just need to double check some facts and dates in the text and get it off to the proof reader. An exciting recent acquisition of an image of a very late StugIV has made the delay worthwhile. Along with the lucky find of a couple of Allied press photos of PzIV/70(A)s this makes the late war coverage much more interesting.

Hopefully it will be on blurb by early May.

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Monday, 14 February 2011

vol3 corrected

Corrections have been made to Vol3 as of 25th Jan. I took the opportunity to replace a couple of photos with better quality prints of the same image I managed to get my hands on since first publication. No change or addition to content.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Erratum: Vol 3

Whilst answering a question on Missing Lynx Axis discussion forum I checked back over volume 3 to verify some info. Much to my surprise I saw that I had recorded 22nd PzDiv as 23rd PzDiv!!
This refers specifically to the images in the section from pages 68 - 72.
They are PzRgt 204 from 22nd PzDiv.

I have no idea how this came about or how it got missed during multiple readings but it slipped through all our hands, the files are called (22) a simple typo must have escalated through spell check and rereading.

So, many apologies for those who have already purchased the book, I will make adjustments to the online info asap so it is correct for future purchasers and take the opportunity to correct a few typos and page numbering errors at the same time. Vol 3 was the first published and as such was a bit of a testing ground both in making, editing and keeping track of a books contents and working out the limits of blurbs online tools.

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