Friday, 29 October 2010

"An essential reference for axis armour modellers"

AFV modeller 55 - review of Barbarossa Stowage

"This is the fifth book on the PanzerIV using archive pictures from the private collection of "8wheels-good" and it is for me probably the best of the series. For the first time the author has attempted a study of "unit specific" stowage from the invasion of Russia in 1941. What he admits began as something of a folls errand soon began to make sense with systematic methods of stowage being introduced by different units in a way that had not been seen during the campaigns in the West. The book is therefore divided in sections for each unit and begins with an overview of the key characteristics of the stowage practice and those of individual Kompanies. Photographic evidence is then provided with most images printed at a good size, and all photos captioned. a useful appendix is also included with diagrams showing not only the stowage arrangements for each unit but also the markings for those units. For the modeller this is an invaluable reference as it seems you cannot just presume to load up stowage on your tank as you wish, and often it seems that other vehicles types in the regiments followed similar stowage arrangements. Once again the vast quantity of previously unpublished pictures makes the study a visual treat and potential modelling subjects leap out of virtually every page. The author is to be commended not only for pulling together such a great collection of images but also for making sense of the confusing jumble of apparently random stowage configurations. An essential reference for axis armour modellers".

Once again I would like to thank David Parker and AFV Modeleller for the on going and generous support.

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

incoming Barbarossa review

The Barbarossa Stowage supplementary edition will be reviewed in AFV modeller 55 which is the Nov/Dec issue.