Thursday, 19 August 2010

Volume 5 under way

With the four main PzIV volumes finished I can turn my attention to the fifth one and to the supplementary editions. The fifth volume will cover the wide range of variants that used the PzIV hull and versions of it.

The collection is now in such a position that I am to be able to start it. I have something in there that covers the most important vehicles and some rarities that will make it worthwhile. Scanning is complete and resizing and minimum image cleaning commences as the layout takes shape.

The nature of these vehicles is such that photographs coming up that I could add to my collection are just about as rare as their original subjects. This makes the process of collecting them slow and considerably more expensive than the everyday tank. I have provisionally set the publication date for this for next Spring to allow for other images to appear that will enhance the quality of what is already there.

Meanwhile as I slowly add to this Volume the first two supplementary editions near completion with the BARBAROSSA stowage volume nearly completed and the TauchPz coming together with illustrations to add.

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