Sunday, 8 August 2010

Vol 2 in AFV Modeller

Vol 2 reviewed in AFV Modeller, No. 53 July/August by David Parker.
A similarly positive review to the one he gave in a previous issue for the other volumes.

" This is the fourth release in this series of books devoted purely to archive images of the Panzer IV and its bound to be welcomed by modelers because just like the previous volumes, this contains almost entirely previously unpublished images. This new volume covers the Ausf E and D vehicles as well the Tauchpanzer wading variants, Voepanzer and other hybrid vehicles with a mix of components. This book is divided into sections for each of these and mostly with one big photo per page. The key identifying features or production changes for each Ausf are clearly described and the book also includes a useful chart which lays out some sixty four different design characteristics, relating them to Ausf model and production date. Also included are some smaller reproductions of certain images and examples of original caption information for some of the images. Panzer Iv fans will find plenty here to excite and inspire and whilst as you might expect there are one or two blurry images the majority are excellent as are the captions where the author clearly shows his huge knowledge of all things Panzer IV. At a time when many will be tired of seeing the same limited selection of images reproduced a book like this packed with fresh material should be celebrated and the author commended for sharing his collection of Panzer IV pictures with us. Excellent stuff!!"

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