Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Supplementary Editions take shape

Both supplementary editions have taken shape over the summer. The BARBARROSA stowage one taking off and nearing completion it should be available on Blurb soon.(click on image for clearer view)It may have already been up but for the decision to add diagrams to help the reader collate the heap of complex information I am trying to get across in this publicaton. I had always thought the book needed this but until my copywriter Bam persuaded me I had thought it was too much work for me and too expensive to source out. It turns out I was right! Each Kompanie has 4 elevations and there are 49 different Kompanies to illustrate!!!

Most of the summer has been spent tweaking, correcting, shrinking and enlarging the diagrams to get them to fit the book. They are bit small for those of us with diminishing ocular prowess but I will make digital versions free so they can be blown up. This is due to the proportion of the books available at Blurb. The delay however has allowed me time to solve a few unknowns and a couple of helpful images have turned up. It is now 150 pages in total and more comprehensive than I could have imagined when I started it only a year ago. I am confident to say there is nothing else out there like it and any one who has or is thinking of modeling a PzIV from Barbarossa will need a copy. I have, where ever possible, selected images that not only show the relevant the detail but give a feel for the landscape and environment that this epic and brutal conflict took place in.

The next supplementary edition is the TauchPanzer one. it has been on the go the longest. In fact I started it before any of the regular "PzKpfw at the front" volumes. It has seen a slight change in direction for me in that I have asked a number of other photo collectors I have come across to share their images with me to fill some gaps. As the TauchPanzer is my favourite vehicle I wanted to produce a monograph worthy of it. The few yawning gaps in my own collection left me frustratingly close to this goal but no cigar. They have been generous in their donations and the book nears its completion.Information covers wider use of the vehicle than the initial crossing of the Bug river. Each unit is described down to Kompanie level in terms of markings and stowage, in the same way as the Barbarossa supplement. In addition there is a section on vehicles pre-Barbarossa and an appendix of images with helpful details of the TauchPzIII.

I have decided to illustrate the details that I have discovered but are not clear in my own images with a pair of 1/35 models. Using the excellent Tristar Ausf D and the not so excellent Dragon Ausf E as the starting points. It has been a while since I have modeled on this scale but again these two projects are nearing completion.

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