Tuesday, 1 June 2010

With one positive review under the belt I have posted out a series of parcels to other magazines and websites to see if more reviews will generate a similar spike in views and sales at blurb. A few other interesting offers have arrived from the modeling world that i will be exploring in the near future.

With the 4 main PzIV volumes out of the way the supplementary volumes now take centre stage. I am really excited about these as they cover some new and original ground. They will be the first really in depth studies of both the subjects; Tauchpanzers and the stowage systems on PzIVs during Operation Barbarossa. As I said I am very excited by them and am now that I have made some connections and looked back through other images I am discovering apparently fresh information with every photo that I examine. Exciting times!

I plan to start parallel blogs for these 2 subjects.

BARBAROSSA stowage http://barbaross4stuff.blogspot.com/

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