Saturday, 29 May 2010

Vol 4

Partial preview.

There are 3 diagrams crammed into this volume covering the vast number of changes that occurred over the later stages of the war. Image cover the various changes during G production H and J up to very late production. One colour image, Ostkette being worn. New information covered includes the change of roof armour during AusfG production.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Vol 3

Partial preview.

There are a number of annoying typos in the last few pages I added before publication. Although these are relatively easy to change on blurb I don't want to get into the habit of constantly tweaking the books as each time i do that all the links disappear, this is why I now have a proof reader on hand.

This volume covers my favourite time in the vehicles life, evolution struggles to keep up with demand and a whole range of minor improvements and economic drivers overlap. Previously undiscussed items include early recuperator shape, markings for PzRgt 201 and deletion of the rear smoke discharger unit. A number of subjects are covered by more than one image.

Vol 2 (widget heaven)

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Complete preview.

Volume 2 has some real close up shots of tanks and crew that reveal some previously undiscussed details, I am particularly pleased with this book. Of special interest are: a number of hybrids discussed and illustrated through photos, this breadth of this is new to any previous discussions of the vehicle, a series of images showing white wheeled PzIVs from PzRgt 8 in North Africa.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Partial preview.

Volume 1 has one of, if not the, biggest collections of Ausf A images gathered together in one publication. It also has in depth cover of Ausf B & C with images from Poland, France, the Balkans and Russia. This volume has turned into the longest of the 4.

One thing that came up while writing this and during discussions with Bam (my proof reader) was the nature of the auxilliary exhaust on Ausfs B and C. The perceived wisdom was that this exhaust was significantly shorter on the B. Photo evidence in this book show that this is maybe not as clear cut as current diagrams show. Unfortunately reaching a clear designation for this item is not yet possible. Also a type of tyre specific to Ausf A is identified.

new reality

It's nearly a year since i last posted and things have changed a lot and moved on at pace. I have re-edited the first two volumes finished and added some new images to them and got volumes 1 & 2 out as well. I have got a proof reader now and look back at those first two efforts as a real learning curve - no matter how well you know your stuff you need a bit of distance to look at your own text. I also acquired ISBNs for the series and have laid down a more serious platform for "8wheels-good publishing"s future.

The response to this fresh start has been very promising and overwhelmingly positive. In January they were review in AFV Modeler. This glowing review has lead to a good amount of sales ever since. A number of other magazines and websites have also asked to review the books. I will post the review and other comments I have had soon. Until then here are the new links.

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